The counseling center is intended for all those exposed to domestic violence who need information on what they can do to help protect themselves and their children. The counseling is absolutely free and our counseling center can be reached by phone, by appointment to the counseling center, by prior arrangement and by e-mail.

Counseling is provided by a social worker, a psychologist, a social pedagogue and a lawyer. Counseling with a victim of domestic violence is based on the awareness of violence, recognition of warning signs, recognition of possible violent incident before it happens, making of a safety plan for themselves and children, information on the possibilities of assistance and support for a victim of violence, to whom you can turn to, what to take with you, where you can can be sheltered, encouraging to make positive changes in yourself and for yourself. Legal advice refers to advice in the areas of criminal, misdemeanor and family law, as well as property rights.

At the counseling center we provide the following services to all family members:

  • Individual legal, social and psychological counseling;
  • Individual counseling for children who have witnessed violence;
  • Work with a victim of violence – Identify whether her / his relationship is safe, admit to being a victim of violence, learn to recognize warning signs (identify signs of a possible violent incident before it happens), make a safety plan for themselves and children (learn what opportunities do a victim of domestic violence has, whom you can turn to, what to bring with you, where you can exactly go at any time) make positive changes in themselves;
  • Education, support and empowerment of victims of violence and their families;
  • Introducing a network of specialized institutions and institutions for protection and assistance to victims of violence and their families;
  • Getting acquainted with legal provisions and possible company interventions;
  •  Promotional materials: flyers, brochures

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    Klikni za letak u PDF formatu

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

time: 16.30 – 19.30
0800 8898

The counseling center is located in Dom zdravlja Istok – Sesvete, Ninska 10 in Sesvete.

Unfortunately, we are witnessing a growing number of registered cases of domestic violence, which negatively affect the whole family and then the whole society. Victims of domestic violence in most cases are women and children, and only after that; older people in the family or a man as a partner.

Victims of family violence are faced with repeating violent behavior by perpetrators of violence they are living with or with whom they are related, therefore, they are persons of special trust and special relationship. This abuse can result in physical and emotional consequences, and even death. Regarding victims who were killed, more than 1/3 victims of domestic violence were the victims of their partners. Abuse is encountered in all types of families, not limited by sex, age, race, nation, economic or social status. Some data from the professional literature say that in almost 50% of families occurs some form of violence. Reliable data on this phenomenon is difficult to collect because it is a so-called area of  “dark” numbers.

There are various forms of violence, but it’s important to know that they often intertwine and affect the victim, but also the whole family. Forms of abuse are: emotional, physical, sexual, economic and social isolation and movement control.

Abuse and neglect that we shouldn’t forget is what is happening to the elderly. There is not enough accurate data about this type of abuse because of the physical or mental disability, and there is a danger that, due to the lack of public awareness of this problem, elderly people – the victims of abuse most often in their own families – are left alone. This counseling center provides its services to all adult victims of domestic violence, including older people.