puSHEd – Protect, Understand, Support: Help the Elderly

Duration of the project:

24 months (official launch on June 1, 2022)


The aim of the project is to prevent and combat gender-based violence against older women by developing gender-specific responses in providing support to victims and raising the capacity of relevant stakeholders in the protection and support system. Also, the project is aimed at raising the awareness of the general population and improving the community’s response to gender-based violence against older women, primarily by increasing the number of reports of violence and its prevention.

The project draws on the Istanbul Convention and aims to promote gender equality and non-discrimination as key European values ​​and fundamental principles for eradicating gender-based violence against older women.


Project activities include needs analysis, development of training materials and guidelines for professionals working with older women victims of violence, training for professionals working with older women victims of violence, knowledge sharing activities and examples of good practice as well as awareness-raising activities on the subject matter. All project activities are focused on the needs of victims with special emphasis on the needs in crisis situations such as the COVID-19 virus pandemic.

Project partners:

  • BaBe Association – Be active. Be emancipated. (project leader)
  • Common Way Foundation
  • City of Zagreb

 The project is supported by:

  • Ombudswoman
  • Victim and Witness Support Association
  • European social network

 Total project value: € 208,716.34

Project financing:

The project is funded by the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values ​​(CERV) program of the European Union.

On June 2, 2022, a kickoff meeting was held attended by representatives of all partner organizations. The meeting defined a plan for the implementation of project activities and the mutual responsibilities of each of the partners within the consortium.

Center for Integration

Duration of the project:

24 months (official launch of the project on May 8, 2020)


The aim of the project is to improve the perspective of social inclusion for victims of domestic violence (especially elderly victims of domestic violence), homeless persons and persons with addiction (especially veterans) through the Center for Integration of the City of Zagreb, phase 1 of its development through this project, by integrating the capacities of key stakeholders and the transfer of knowledge and services to underdeveloped counties.


  • Establishing a number of different social services in the community that include tailored forms of support for individual target groups in order to act on their social integration and economic independence
  • Laying out programmatic and operational foundations for the future Center for Integration at the institutional level
  • Transfer of existing knowledge and work models, as well as those that will be developed by the project, to other areas, where there are also needs for services for these target groups, but the capacity of local stakeholders is underdeveloped
  • Defining standardized social services in a broader sense for these target groups in order to provide support in the integration into society and the labor market
  • Establishing cooperation with CSOs, social welfare institutions and CSW
  • Activities will be implemented in 4 counties – Krapinsko – zagorska, Karlovačka, Osječko – baranjska, Šibensko – kninska, and the City of Zagreb


The role of Dom Duga in the project will be the development of social integration services for shelter users and the development of a new SOS hotline service for elderly victims of domestic violence.

Project partners:

  • City of Zagreb (project leader)
  • Home of Hope – an association to support homeless persons and other socially vulnerable groups
  • Ivan Psychiatric Hospital

Total project value: HRK 1,499,439.10

Project financing:

The City of Zagreb has concluded with the Ministry of Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy and the Croatian Employment Service, the Office for Financing and Contracting of European Union Projects, a Grant Agreement for projects financed from the European Social Fund under 2014 – 2020. program.

The project started on May 8, 2020, and one of the first activities was a press conference for the purpose of visibility of the Project and a presentation of project activities. This was held on July 9, 2020, on the premises of the City Administration in Zagreb.

Sofija is a project implemented by the Association for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights “Sofija”, co-financed by the European Social Fund in the amount of HRK 1,420,506.41. The project is implemented in partnership with the association “Blue Phone” and the institution “Home for Children and Adults – Victims of Domestic Violence Duga – Zagreb” for 20 months: from March 2020 to November 2021.

Activities of the national campaign Sofija cover the whole of Croatia and will be held entirely in all counties (21 locations) for two target groups: Activities of the national campaign Sofia cover the whole of Croatia and will be held entirely in all counties (21 locations) for two target groups

  • Unemployed women, victims of violence
  • experts who work with these groups (experts from the Home “Duga-Zagreb” lead these workshops)

Activities are carried out through 3 main components:

  • Social skills improvement workshops: activities in the form of theoretical and practical workshops aimed at developing communication skills, improving assertiveness, and presentation and negotiation skills. Included is education on creating CVs, cover letters and preparing for a job interview, as well as a concise education on using the e-Citizens system, which we consider a useful tool in facilitating opportunities for equal participation in the labour market.
  • Self-defense workshops: Theoretical and practical units with the aim of gaining self-confidence, and self-esteem, establishing psychophysical health and creating preconditions for social inclusion.
  • Training of professionals: networking of sectors working with unemployed and/or abused women, encouraging dialogue, and creating an online platform as a means of direct communication between sectors and beneficiaries.

All of the above is supported by Dom “Duga-Zagreb” as a partner organization in the described project of the Association for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights “Sofija”.

ASAP – A Systemic Approach for Perpetrators

Duration of the project:

24 months (official launch of the project is October 1st 2018)

The objective:

The objective is to define and implement a model to integrate intervention methods applied to victims and to perpetrators of gender-based violence, in order to foster an efficient network of prevention and contrast.


  • research on working models and legislation in 3 countries (Bulgaria, Croatia and Italy) on services for victims and for perpetrators and their integration;
  • desk research on working models implemented in other EU Member States on the same issue;
  • definition of an experimental operational protocol;
  • testing of the protocol;
  • design and application of an evaluation system to measure the impact of the protocol;
  • design of definitive operational protocol and policy guidelines;
  • dissemination of project activities and results to spread its models.

Partners on the project:

  • Regione del Veneto (Italy) – the organizational unit for international cooperation – the Lead partner
  • Association Naia (Bulgaria)
  • Home for victims of domestic violence Duga-Zagreb (Croatia)
  • Association Una casa per luomo (Italija)
  • BGFR – Bulgarian gender research fundation (Bulgaria)
  • social cooperative Grupo R (Italy)
  • The city of Zagreb (Croatia)
  • WWP Network – work with perpetrators of domestic violence (Germany)

Total project costs:

385.000,00 EUR

Financing of the program:

308.000,00 EUR was funded by the European Unions Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020)

Dom Duga Zagreb participated in the Launch event and Kick off meeting in Venice, hosted by the lead partner, Regione Veneto, from the 5th till the 6th of November 2018.

The goal of the Kick off meeting was to introduce the partners and give each partner a chance to comment on the project activities.

In those two days we defined the project goals on the communication strategy. It was also a chance to ensure a successful delivery of the project.

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