ASAP – A Systemic Approach for Perpetrators


Duration of the project:

24 months (official launch of the project is October 1st 2018)

The objective:

The objective is to define and implement a model to integrate intervention methods applied to victims and to perpetrators of gender-based violence, in order to foster an efficient network of prevention and contrast.


  • research on working models and legislation in 3 countries (Bulgaria, Croatia and Italy) on services for victims and for perpetrators and their integration;
  • desk research on working models implemented in other EU Member States on the same issue;
  • definition of an experimental operational protocol;
  • testing of the protocol;
  • design and application of an evaluation system to measure the impact of the protocol;
  • design of definitive operational protocol and policy guidelines;
  • dissemination of project activities and results to spread its models.

Partners on the project:

  • Regione del Veneto (Italy) – the organizational unit for international cooperation – the Lead partner
  • Association Naia (Bulgaria)
  • Home for victims of domestic violence Duga-Zagreb (Croatia)
  • Association Una casa per luomo (Italija)
  • BGFR – Bulgarian gender research fundation (Bulgaria)
  • social cooperative Grupo R (Italy)
  • The city of Zagreb (Croatia)
  • WWP Network – work with perpetrators of domestic violence (Germany)

Total project costs:

385.000,00 EUR

Financing of the program:

308.000,00 EUR was funded by the European Unions Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020)

Dom Duga Zagreb participated in the Launch event and Kick off meeting in Venice, hosted by the lead partner, Regione Veneto, from the 5th till the 6th of November 2018.

The goal of the Kick off meeting was to introduce the partners and give each partner a chance to comment on the project activities.

In those two days we defined the project goals on the communication strategy. It was also a chance to ensure a successful delivery of the project.

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