400 trees for 400 murdered women in 20 years in Croatia – Bundek

On Earth Day, we invite you with great respect to the ceremony organized by the Women’s Film Festival and the Billion Rises Against Violence Against Women and Girls initiative. We are expecting you on April 22, 2024 (Monday) at 1 pm in Bundek Park, where we will together proclaim 400 trees in honor of 400 women who have been killed in the last 20 years, thus sending a strong message of better efficiency of the system in terms of preventing femicide for Croatia as well without violence.

On the occasion of the International Human Rights Day, which is celebrated on December 10, the City Office for Social Protection, Health, War Veterans and People with Disabilities of the City of Zagreb is conducting a campaign related to human rights, with an emphasis on the elderly, for the third year in a row.

This year’s message is focused on the right of the elderly to dignity and the need for their full participation in every segment of society, and the campaign is being carried out under the name #Dignity of the Elderly. The goal of the campaign is to sensitize the public and empower our elderly fellow citizens through the message that human dignity is inviolable and as such must enjoy respect and protection regardless of age.

You can read more about the campaign at the following link

Home “Duga-Zagreb” applied for the European Social Network Awards 2023.


It was possible to apply in six categories. 110 entries from different European countries were submitted to the competition. 44 of them entered the finals, among which was an application from our institution in the category:

Research and evaluation in order to improve services for vulnerable groups.

We applied with the research conducted in 2014-2019, called:

The effectiveness of psychosocial services in a shelter for women victims of domestic violence from the perspective of empowerment theory“, which was published in 2021.


The winner in our category was the school for social work and social policy from Ireland “The Child and Family Agency (Tusla) & Trinity College, which conducted a research called: Through the eyes of the child. At the international level, there are relatively few examples of research that represent the authentic voice of the child in the child protection system, which gives this research a special significance.


The remaining categories were:

Delivery services of various types of support and assistance to vulnerable groups;

Supporting professional helpers to help vulnerable groups;

Collaborative practice between different sectors in order to help vulnerable groups;

Digital transformation in order to modernize, speed up and make the realization of rights available for vulnerable groups;

Excellence in cities – examples of connecting and encouraging dialogue and creating a more inclusive society by promoting interdisciplinary problem solving of underrepresented and vulnerable groups.

Exhibition in Zagreb within the project puSHEd

An exhibition was opened in Zagreb’s Oktogon as part of the project puSHEd – Protect, Understand, Support: Help the Elderly with the message “Report those who devalue the golden years”.

With this exhibition begin campaigns with the aim of raising awareness among the general public about violence against older women. Violence, imperceptible and hidden, is not recognized on the faces of older women, who are the main actors of the exhibition “Violence in the Shadows: An Exhibition on Raising Awareness of Older Women Victims of Violence”. Ten visuals will be exhibited in Zagreb’s Oktogon from October 24 to 30.

The campaign was launched by the association B.a.B.e., the Common Way Foundation, the Home for Children and Adult Victims of Domestic Violence “Duga-Zagreb” and the City of Zagreb with the support of the Ombudsman, the Association for Support of Victims and Witnesses and the European Social Network.

More about the exhibition…

National Day of Combating Violence Against Women – Presented psycho-educational manuals for women victims of domestic violence

On the occasion of the National Day of Combating Violence Against Women, on September 21, 2023, psycho-educational manuals for women victims of domestic violence were presented in the Bogdan Ogrizović Library and Reading Room. The event was organized by the City of Zagreb and the Home for Children and Adult Victims of Domestic Violence “Duga – Zagreb”.

The gathering was greeted by the Deputy Mayor of the City of Zagreb, Danijela Dolenec, who reminded that the National Day Against Violence Against Women is commemorated in memory of the tragic act of killing three women and injuring one during a divorce case at the Zagreb Municipal Court on September 22, 1999.

The manuals were presented in detail by the director of the “Duga-Zagreb” Home, Ph.D. Željka Barić and the author of the handbook, Senka Damjanović, BA psychologist, who explained that psychoeducational handbooks deal with four topics: 1. Being a victim of domestic violence, 2. Psychological profile of perpetrators of domestic violence, 3. Guide for parents in a safe house and 4. Transfer of violence through generations. The manuals openly talk about the difficult emotions that victims of violence face, help them cope with their new everyday life, talk about the dynamics and stages of violent relationships, are full of empowering words that tell them to stand up for themselves, and offer warm support without judgment. The manuals have another dimension, which is the attitude towards children, about the risks of growing up in a violent home and breaking learned beliefs.


INVISIBLE – experience and attitudes about violence towards elderly people

In Zagreb at the beginning of 2023. conducted research on attitudes and experience among the elderly population, target group 65+ years, of which 90% were women and 10% men. The research was conducted for the needs of the Committee for Gender Equality of the City of Zagreb – Assembly of the City of Zagreb. After processing, the results were obtained in June 2023, and on September 14, 2023. were presented in the Assembly of the City of Zagreb.

The results indicate that older people, mostly women, are additionally victimized, and that’s only because they are in a phase of life when they need support more than when they were younger people.

That is unacceptable! Therefore, we are all called to act and work to find ways to protect the elderly from violence.

It is also very important to work intensively on the prevention of violence against the elderly, which is a task that needs to be done strategically for the benefit of elderly fellow citizens in the Republic of Croatia.


Donation by students of the XV Gymnasium in Zagreb

Students of the XV. Gymnasium in Zagreb diligently collected donations for our institution for weeks. They collected clothes, shoes, various accessories with clothes and all this completely on their own initiative.

In addition, they organized the washing of everything collected, the procurement of 16 new cardboard boxes in which everything was arranged “like books in a closet”. In the end, they also organized transportation with an adequate car to the handover point in our counseling center at Ozaljska 93.

The two students who led the entire action, Lucija and Jan, personally followed the “delivery of the shipment” and with a big smile handed us a carefully prepared donation intended for teenagers staying in our shelter for victims of domestic violence.

One part of the clothes and shoes that arrived has already been distributed, and the remaining pieces are waiting for the new residents of our shelter.

How important it is to have a clean and usable wardrobe and shoes is shown by the fact that most victims come to accommodation with the goods they were wearing when they left their own family.




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emajstor.hr: “Partnership for the benefit of society” project

Heroes are not born, but become heroes thanks to their deeds in life. To become that, small, good deeds are enough. The greatness of the deed is not measured by the one who helps, but by the one who needs help.

Today we are giving you the opportunity to, even for a moment, become a hero to those who need your help the most!

Partnership for the benefit of society is a charity project created under the auspices of the Emajstor portal. We are aware of the nature of charity for society and feel the responsibility to, as one of the leading representatives of the construction industry, support positive changes in society. The goal of all partners participating in the project (investors, companies and organizations) is to create a synergy that should reach an increasing number of people who need help.

The project was initiated by the company Daibau International, which connects contractors with investors and has over 11,500 registered companies for the execution of various works and repairs. The portal of this company has over 2 million visitors – legal and natural persons who in this way get the opportunity to donate funds to organizations that work directly with sensitive groups in need.

We support the launch of a socially responsible project called “Good deeds create heroes”, for those who need help the most and are unable to provide everything on their own.

More about the project at the link:http://www.emajstor.hr

I’ll keep my eyes wide open

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With the central message “I will keep my eyes wide open”, the European Commission launched an information campaign to make citizens aware of the rights of victims of criminal offences, available services for help and support, as well as the possibilities of reporting a criminal offence. The purpose of the campaign is to encourage and make people aware; family members, friends, but also the wider environment – to recognize victims, offer them their support and help them report violence.

The campaign includes institutions and civil society organizations that provide support to victims and witnesses of all criminal acts, especially child victims of violence, victims of gender-based violence and LGBTIQ phobia and xenophobia. The partners of the campaign at the national level are the Ministry of Justice and Administration, the Association for Support of Victims and Witnesses, and the Association for Victim Assistance Bijeli krug.

All information about support organizations, criminal offenses and victims’ rights in Croatia and other countries is available on a separate page: https://victims-rights.campaign.europa.eu.


Campaign flyer

Campaign video

Examining attitudes about domestic violence and violence against women

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The survey is anonymous and you can stop completing it at any time. Filling out the questionnaire takes up to 10 minutes. For more information about the research itself, contact us at: babe@babe.hr.

Link to the questionnaire:http://shorturl.at/ckln8

Association B.a.B.e., Home “Duga-Zagreb” and the Common Path Foundation, with the support of the City of Zagreb, conducts research as part of the project “puSHed – protect, understand, support; help the elderly”. The aim of the research is to examine the attitudes of the general population of the Republic of Croatia on domestic violence and violence against women. The results will be used exclusively for the purpose of creating a campaign aimed at raising awareness of the problem in question.

The project “puSHEd – protect, understand, support; help the elderly” is financed with funds from the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values ​​program of the European Union, and is implemented by the association B.a.B.e. Be active. Be emancipated. in partnership with the City of Zagreb, the Home for Children and Adults – Victims of Domestic Violence “Duga Zagreb” and the Common Path Foundation. The project is supported by the Ombudsman, the Association for the Support of Victims and Witnesses and the European Social Network. The goal of the project is the prevention and suppression of gender-based violence against older women by developing gender-specific responses in providing support to victims and raising the capacity of relevant stakeholders in the protection and support system. Also, the project is aimed at raising the awareness of the general population and improving the community’s response to gender-based violence against older women, which primarily means a greater number of reports of violence and its prevention. The value of the project is €208,716.34.

Visit of the Committee for Gender Equality of the City Assembly of the City of Zagreb on the occasion of the National Day of Combating Violence Against Women (September 22)

On the occasion of the National Day of Combating Violence Against Women (September 22), we were visited by members of the Committee for Gender Equality, which acts as one of the working bodies of the City Assembly of the City of Zagreb.
The President of the Commission for Gender Equality, Rada Borić, told journalists that the action against violence against women needs to be strengthened and upgraded more than ever.
The femicide we are witnessing brings Croatia to the very top in terms of the negative trend of murders of women, because we have more women killed in the ratio of the size of the country by the number of inhabitants compared to the number of women killed than France!!
There are many signs that indicate that it is necessary to strengthen and perfect the coordinated action between the systems that are obliged to act in cases of domestic violence and violence against women.
In the “Duga-Zagreb” Chamber, members of the Commission were invited to hear the results of a five-year study (2014-2019) on the “Effectiveness of psychosocial services in a shelter for women victims of domestic violence from the perspective of empowerment theory”.
The results indicate that 80% of the women who were housed in the shelter were no longer in a violent relationship after leaving the shelter. Recontact with these women was established no earlier than 5 months to no later than 4 years after leaving the shelter.

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Annual conference of the association WWP EN, Dublin 2022

We participated in the annual conference of the association WWP EN, which was in Dublin, Ireland, from August 17 – 19, 2022. There we worked together with colleagues from the NGO UZOR from Rijeka and the NGO DPP from Zagreb.

We also met colleagues from 30 EU members of the network for work with perpetrators of domestic violence. This year’s conference was dedicated to interventions in work with young people who behave violently in relationships or towards their parents.

Working meeting and the Steering Committee of all ASAP project partners was held in Zagreb

„On February 18th and 19th, 2020, a working meeting and the Steering Committee of all ASAP project partners was held at the Palace Hotel in Zagreb, organized by Dom Duga-Zagreb, a city institution for victims of domestic violence and the City of Zagreb.

The purpose of the meeting was to define further, final steps of the project, and the organization of various dissemination activities and events with the aim to present project goals to the general public abd other important stakeholders, as well as the organization of the trainings for professionals who work with perpetrators and victims of domestic violence. The ultimate goal is to connect organizations working with perpetrators of violence and organizations working with victims of violence, strengthen their mutual cooperation through common operational protocols, and show the competent institutions, through good practices, the strengths and the importance of this cooperation.“

We congratulate all women on International Women’s Day.

When is the hardest you are strong, worthy, and raise up your male and female children in the spirit of equality!

Statement by the Gender Equality Ombudsperson on the International Women’s Day

After ten years of our shelter for children and adult victims of domestic violence, we can identify some trends in the characteristics and types of violence, the duration of the same as well as the demographic characteristics of the victims who used our services.

On that occasion, we created a video spot where we would like to invite all victims to stay silent and not behind the closed doors of their homes.

Look at the spot and remind yourself of the facts mentioned in it!

Seek help personally or empower someone close to you who is in need of help and protection!

Video – Family is (no) safe place!

We also prepared an evaluation study at this time, which is available to you for a PPP review on the following link: EVALUATION OF WORK AT 10 YEARS


If you are a victim of violence and want to protect yourself from the perpetrator by physical departure from the common living space, call the police 192 or call the appropriate social welfare center at your place of residence.
They will let you know how to get on temporary accommodation with us where you will get professional help and protection.


  • If you are exposed to domestic violence
    If you feel alone and unknowing about this problem
    Come with confidence
    Come on for support
    Come through the information and free advice

Call 0800 8898

Monday – Wednesday – Friday (when working days)

Working hours: 16.30 – 19.30

e-mail: savjetovaliste@duga-zagreb.hr


It is intended for persons who have been subjected to a judicial measure of psychosocial treatment of perpetrators of domestic violence based on the Law on Protection from Domestic Violence or the Criminal Code. The competent court or institution indicating the execution of the measure informs the person with the obligation to report to our institution.

You can make a phone call on a working day Monday to Wednesday from 14:00 to 20:00, and on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 09:00 to 15:00 on the phone:

01 4590 560